an electoral “slap” for Macron and LREM

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The triumph of environmentalists in the second round of municipal elections in France, Sunday June 28, precipitated the debacle of the presidential party. The strategy of LREM, judged too “Aboveground” by the foreign press and in the polls, is a failure.

“Municipal France is no longer that of Emmanuel Macron” : for Time, Swiss general daily, the defeat of the presidential party in the second round of the municipal elections, Sunday June 28, translates the bankruptcy of LREM in its will to set up in the communes of France.

The ballot was marked by an environmental tidal wave. Europe Écologie-Les Verts has captured several major French cities, such as “Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Lyon, Tours, Besançon, Poitiers, Annecy, and probably Marseille”, lists The evening.

For the Belgian daily newspaper:

Their victory is all the more overwhelming as it inflicts a terrible snub on the presidential majority. Three years after the 2017 presidential election, the backlash is catastrophic for Emmanuel Macron. ”

“Almost everywhere, and in particular in the metropolises which constitute their priority electoral soil, the Macronian candidates failed, including when they allied with the traditional right, as did the former socialist mayor of Lyon [Gérard Collomb]”, increases Time.

“Obvious disinterest of the French”

The only positive point in the dismal record of LREM, to which must be added the fiasco of Agnes Buzyn at


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