An employee died suddenly of illness at work… The boss pretended to be kind enough to help settle the claim for “privately embezzling 4 million” and lost 400,000 to send away family members | International | CTWANT

The employee suddenly died of illness at work, and the boss actually stole the compensation. (Diagram / PAKUTASO)

A man surnamed Ding died suddenly at work in Luoyang City, Henan Province, China. Since he had insurance before his death, the boss asked Ding Nan’s family for his ID card, household register, medical records, and death certificate, claiming that he would assist in applying for death compensation. , Unexpectedly, he actually embezzled 900,000 yuan (about NT$4 million) in compensation, and finally only gave 90,000 yuan (about NT$400,000) to his family. After the family members of the deceased found out, they were so angry that they called the police.

According to Henan TV’s “Metropolis Report”, Ding, an employee of a company in Luoyang, suffered a sudden illness at work and unfortunately died after first aid; the boss, Tian, ​​asked the employee’s family for the household registration booklet, ID card, medical records and death certificate on the grounds of insurance claims Wait, and then cooperate with Chen to provide false declaration materials to the insurance company, and finally get 1 million death compensation.

Unexpectedly, the boss surnamed Tian got the money, but lied to the family members of the employees that the insurance was not successful, and only gave the family members 90,000 yuan. In January this year, after the family members learned the truth, they were so angry that they reported the case to the Luolong Branch of the Luoyang City Public Security Bureau. After investigation, the police determined that this was a typical insurance fraud. At present, criminal compulsory measures have been taken against the suspects Tian and Chen according to law, and more than 900,000 stolen money have been recovered.

After the news came to light, netizens couldn’t help but criticize “moral collapse”, “Dead people’s money cannot be moved out of morality. Sure enough, capitalists are more ruthless than robbers”, “There is nothing to say, the death penalty is recommended and executed immediately”, “ Emphasize again not to empathize with capitalists, they are all vampires and inhumane”, “He dares to take this money, it is devoid of conscience”, “This is already inhumane, it is not considered human”, “In the past few years Henan has replaced Northeast China in our position in the heart”.

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