“An employee was slapped twice in the face” .. Details of a citizen’s assault on municipality employees while removing violations in Abu Arish

Al-Marsad newspaper: A citizen attacked municipality employees while they were carrying out the removal of encroachments in the village of Al-Qamsheh in the Abu Arish governorate in the Jazan region.
According to Al-Watan, a street in the village of Qawamshe was encroached upon by laying a block and building, and the presence of municipality monitors on the site, accompanied by an official equipment, to remove the block from the street, and bury excavations.
During the execution, the citizen came and assaulted the municipality’s monitors, beating and insulting, slapping an employee twice in the face, and pulling out an employee’s mobile phone and throwing it into the water.
The Abu Arish Police Department began investigating the incident, after a report and a report from the municipality’s employees.
In the same context, jurists confirmed that the penalty of imprisonment is 10 years, and a fine of one million riyals, as well as a disciplinary penalty awaiting the aggressors of state employees.

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