An empty agenda, and a lot of tweets: Donald Trump’s strange daily life in the White House

“The president has no scheduled public events.” This is what the US presidential agenda displays almost daily since the Republican’s defeat against Joe Biden in the November 3 ballot.

After having chained nearly ten meetings in 48 hours in the home stretch of his campaign, Donald Trump was cloistered after the election in one and only concern: the count, according to him illegitimate, of the ballots. His diary even indicates that his last official briefing with his intelligence services dates back more than a month, which seems unlikely, however.

On results day, Trump heads to his private golf course

After 48 hours of contesting the postal vote at a press conference and on Twitter, Donald Trump saw his rival Joe Biden take the lead on November 6 in the last key states on November 6. He is that day described as “angry and frustrated” by CNN correspondent at the White House, Kaitlan Collins.

For the Republican, this rise of his opponent does not pass. It can only be the object of a “massive electoral fraud” organized by the Democrats, using postal voting. But when he tries to broadcast these accusations in a speech delivered from the White House press room, several television channels cut his intervention live because of “disinformation”. Following this, journalist Kaitlan Collins reports that Donald Trump is only “watching television” and “complaining that too few people are standing up for him”.

On November 7, to express himself again on the ballot, Donald Trump announced on Twitter “a big press conference” organized by the former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, in front of the luxury hotel Four Seasons in Philadelphia . But it seems the president misunderstood a conversation with one of his advisers, as reported le New York Times. Indeed, his team did not book the prestigious hotel, but a landscaper, called the “Four Seasons Total Landscaping” and located between a sex shop and a crematorium.

On the same day, as the American media are about to announce the victory of Joe Biden after four interminable days of counting, Donald Trump goes to his private golf club in Sterling, Virginia. He will spend the day playing his favorite sport, far from the cameras, stubbornly refusing to admit defeat, as is customary.

No public outings for a week

On Monday, November 9, Donald Trump sacked his Defense Minister Mark Esper, who was replaced by the director of the national counterterrorism center, Christopher Miller. The ousted president forbids members of his various ministries to cooperate with Joe Biden’s teams, as tradition dictates, to prepare for the handover.

Donald Trump remains cloistered in the Oval Office. His relatives say that he spends his days telephoning his confidants to organize the post-election offensive … but also his defense. The Republican could, in fact, be overtaken by the many court cases that have revolved around the presidency during his tenure without ever reaching it. He who refused for several years to publish his tax forms, could in particular be accused of tax evasion.

Donald Trump will not make any official release until Wednesday, November 11. That day, the president, accompanied by Melania, decides to go out publicly for the first time in a week. He lays a wreath on Veterans Day in Arlington Cemetery. But this lightning appearance, widely relayed on his social networks, will last only 7 minutes.

Still ubiquitous on Twitter

Following this ceremony, Donald Trump, who had hitherto kept away from the media, addressed the press twice. On November 12, he once again denounces widespread fraud in the counting of votes, and promises legal remedies in several states where the results were tight. The next day, he welcomed this time the progress of a vaccine against Covid-19 developed by the American company Pfizer.

But contrary to his habit, the American president does not answer any questions from journalists, thus avoiding having to express himself on the victory of Joe Biden.

While he’s been on the side of the media for a while, the Republican has never disappeared from his favorite social network. Since the election, the president has tweeted non-stop. “We won”, he insists, calling the ballot a “rigged election!” ”, Without taking into account the moderation messages of the platform affiliating its tweets to disinformation. He also targets the Fox News channel, which he said “forgot the goose that laid the golden eggs” by no longer supporting him. On Friday, he even claims to consider going to a demonstration of support planned by some of his most radical supporters in Washington DC. Not a post, however, addresses the transition with his successor, which should have started this weekend.

“He performs all his tasks”

So, Donald Trump, who still has to lead the country until January 20, 2021, has he resigned his presidential duties since his defeat? Not according to White House spokesman Judd Deere. In a press release published on November 5, he assures us that “any suggestion that the president has given up governing is false”. He added: “As he promised, President Trump fights fiercely for a free and fair election while at the same time accomplishing all his tasks to put America first.”

To support these statements, White House collaborators have published a list of measures taken by the executive since the election. The latter includes an executive order banning US investments in Chinese military companies, a statement about the damage caused by Tropical Storm ETA, and several presidential proclamations, including celebrating the 245th anniversary of the US Marine Corps.

If the outgoing president can continue to postpone the deadline until December 8, the date of certification of the results of the votes, he will in any case have to give way to Joe Biden on January 20. Whether the transition is prepared or not.

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