an exhibition on Julie Manet, the favorite model of the impressionists




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M.Buisson, F. Blévis, G. Liaboeuf, Photos: Musée Marmottan Monnet

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Edouard Manet, author of the lunch on the grass is known to the general public. But can the same be said of Julie Manet, his niece? An exhibition is dedicated to him until March 20 at the Marmottan Museum in Paris. Julie Manet was not an artist, she was a model before becoming a collector.

Julie Manet was born in 1887, her mother Berthe Morisot was the pioneer of Impressionism. His uncle is Edouard Manet, and his two protectors in life are Auguste Renoir and Edgar Degas. Pampered little girl, she grows up under the brush from his mother, his uncle and the families of the Manet family. At 9 years old, Renoir painted his portrait. “We can easily imagine Berthe Morisot and her friend Auguste Renoir discussing how to restore the personality of this little girl“, explains Marianne Mathieu, scientific director of the Marmottan Monet museum.

At 16, Julie poses in a mourning dress, she has just lost her parents. The artists of her time will protect her. She marries Ernest Rouart who will not fail to paint either “this magical beauty, the ideal model“.” We played darts on the boards and we shot rifles on the master’s paintings, “says Jean-Marie Rouart, Julie Manet’s grand-nephew.

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