An expert at the German Space Agency: The search for alternatives to life on other planets is necessary – Egypt News

Engineer Ahmed Farid, an expert at the German Space Agency, said that 90% of space projects are based on partnerships between countries, as sharing space sciences between countries is very important in any space project, in addition to reducing the exorbitant expenses that are spent on this. projects.

Search for alternatives to life on other planets

And he added, in an interview via the Zoom application on the “Cairo News” satellite channel, that the International Space Agency is shared by 5 great powers, namely America, Russia, Japan, Europe and Canada, indicating that the space stations mainly aim to search for ways to how to live on Earth. planets Another event is the impossibility of living on Earth or human life on Earth ended as a result of some risks, as scientists believe that this matter is inevitable and has happened several times before, so science must search for other planets for life to preserve the human race.

Reasons for choosing Mars as an alternative to Earth

The expert at the German Space Agency explained that the interest of the stations The space The planet Mars is due to its proximity to the planet Earth, in addition to being the closest planet in its characteristics to the planet Earth, pointing out that life on Mars will require passing through 3 stages, the first of which is living in space, as the distance between Mars and Earth is from 6 months to 3 years depending on their presence in any orbit. at the beginning of the trip.

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