an exquisite war-ecologist adventure exercise full of spectacle

After the legendary ‘Godzilla‘ of 2014 it was the turn of the another great of the MonsterVersethe gorilla king ‘Kong: Skull Island‘, worked even better than the lizard movie thanks to the good work of Jordan Vogt-Roberts and a very marvelous cast to be in the house of the competition. You can see it today on Antena 3.

King of the jungle

As with Gareth Edwards’ extraordinary film, it became clear that many people were still waiting for human schemes simple to criticize a movie that is not exactly titled “People on Skull Island” in the same way that the other one was not titled “Family with Fat Problems”.

Skull Island is a natural park where perhaps there are plenty of beings with less than two lower extremities (if they are not 25 meters tall), it is true, but in addition to saying no to war, it is a great example of a conscience that we should all have in this life . Is a movie about DO NOT DISTURB beautifully photographed by Larry Fong.

Shot briskly and with Brie, Kong gives away two hours of great tropical adventures, a thousand tributes (to the parrot with the ‘Cannibal holocaust‘) and a bunch of miserable people making fools of themselves and receiving what he deserved while the only thing that dictates what is worth and what is not is the law of the jungle.

Kong Skull

The film, written by Dan Gilroy, Max Borenstein and Derek Connolly from a story by John Gatins, has its fair share of reasons to get carried away by adventuresomething that is already clear in the prologue, where two enemies of the Second World War will discover what it is to be the big loser.

With this pleasant and chatty beginning, which is not cut short when it comes to presenting the true protagonist of the show in the first minute of the film, we will jump to the 70s in a transition sequence that Jordan Vogt-Roberts closes with an unbeatable style to begin the narrative supported by a sensational cast. John Goodman and Richard Jenkins start a function for which they will parade Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John C. Reilly O Shea Whighamamong others.

The presence of a Kong revered as a god, who constantly balances and watches over his habitat while protects some animals and humans living on the island is an engaging and clever approach, and one that manages to distance itself from the 1933 film, where the gorilla was a monstrous, tyrannical creature to which human sacrifices were offered. Thus, the writers seek to lay a solid foundation for an exciting universe populated by fantastic creatures, something that brings her a little closer in that aspect to the brilliant (and very sad) peter jackson vision.

Kong Skull Island

If Gareth Edwards’ film seemed much more focused on delivering massive destruction without developing the depth of the main characters, here the intention is not to overshadow the human side. To that contributes the charisma of his stars. A tall cast enjoying this “seventies” toy, from its ‘Apocalypse Now’ for the whole family.

‘Kong: Skull Island’ is a great show and that is reflected both in his pace and in the care and respect with which the great gorilla is shown and measured. The excellent music of Henry Jackman gives the film all its splendor and force, and every appearance of Kong is impressive.

Far superior to the great lizard’s second adventure, Kong’s “solo” debut is A pleasure for the senses and, alongside the Edwards films and the magnificent crossover the Adam Wingarda sensational plan for a long late winter afternoon.

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