An exreo killed in “Las Trinitarias”, Maracaibo

Sipez on alias ‘Cachete’: He presented a police record and had paid a sentence in the Tocorón jail for robbery and theft of vehicles.


05:34 PM / 22/10/2020

Officials assigned to the Criminal Investigation Service of the state of Zulia (Sipez) reported that in a confrontation, registered in the morning hours of this Thursday 22-O, a criminal, known as “Cachete”, a member of the organized crime group “Los Eat Fat “.

The gang is dedicated “to the robbery of commercial establishments, theft of vehicles, kidnapping, extortion, sale of illicit substances in the Simón Bolívar, Las Praderas and La Chamarreta neighborhoods.”

They indicated that the victim had been presented with a police record and had paid a sentence in the Tocorón prison for robbery and theft of vehicles.

The officers, this Thursday, were carrying out intelligence work in the April 19 neighborhood, Las Trinitarias sector, Francisco Eugenio Bustamante parish, Maracaibo municipality, when they observed ‘Cachete’, who, upon noticing the police presence, took out a weapon, firing at the policemen.

During the confrontation, the gunman was mortally wounded so he was taken with the emergency of the case to a nearby health center, where he died within minutes of his admission, the police force reported in a press release.

At the scene of the events, they seized a Smith & Wesson revolver, caliber 38 millimeters.

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