An extreme right group carried out anti-immigrant patrols in the French Pyrenees

Far-right activists from the colectivo Identity Generation they have displaced Coth deth Portilhons, in the Pyrenees, to carry out “anti-immigrant patrols” within the framework of an action that they themselves have baptized as Mission Pirineos, according to several French media. Local elected officials, such as the President of the French Region of Occitania, Carole Delga, or the president of the department council of the Upper Garonne, Georges Méric, denounced the action in a joint statement and asked the Occitania Headquarters to “put an end to this coup d’etat contrary to the values ​​of the Republic without delay.” In the same letter they demanded from the French Ministry of the Interior “the dissolution of this group of extreme right”.

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According to several French newspapers, such as O The IndependentAfter carrying out a similar action in the Alps in April 2018, around 30 members of Génération Identitaire went to the border between France and the Val de Aran to carry out an “anti-immigrant propaganda” campaign. They mainly targeted the “Afro-Maghrebis”, who, according to them, would enter France by this route.

The aforementioned French media collect a publication in the social networks of the members of the far-right organization, in which they showed a white off-road with the logo of his Defender Europe operation, and several members dressed in blue jackets, like three years ago on the Franco-Italian border. This operation, as they add, was announced on January 15 through a press release published on the Telegram messaging network. In this letter, the members of the organization explained that they had decided to take this action after the authorities’ decision to close the border at Coth deth Portilhon on January 5 due to a possible “terrorist risk”. Since then, the road to this neck has been blocked by four concrete blocks. Finally, the French media report, the extreme right-wing French group left that same Tuesday afternoon to go to Arlos and no arrests were made.


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