An impeachment procedure commensurate with the trauma suffered by American elected officials

A week after the invasion of the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump, the gravity of the assault and the extent of its consequences on parliamentarians are reflected in the express impeachment proceedings against the tenant of the White House.

“I didn’t know if I was going to make it out alive today.” Almost a week after the assault on Capitol Hill by supporters of Donald Trump, the testimonies of elected officials in Washington are multiplying in the American press to denounce the seriousness of the events of the day of January 6 and to underline the trauma suffered .

This chilling phrase was spoken by left-wing MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, reports the site Bloomberg, to emphasize that she “Thought she was going to die” when Trump supporters broke into the Capitol last week, and she even feared that “Members of the police, even other parliamentarians, do not encourage this angry crowd”.

Under the threat

The MP felt threatened, especially when she was taken to safety in a secure room with other parliamentarians, whom she suspected of being “Willing to make sure something happens to me. I thought I was going to leave my skin there – it wasn’t a vague fear, it was very, very concrete for me. “

Many of us narrowly escaped death. From the inside, you really had the feeling that something was wrong. ”

Lasting disarray

The San Francisco Chronicle relates, for its part, the lasting disarray felt by members of the California parliamentary delegation, who are trying to “Recover from their trauma while speeding up the impeachment procedure” against Donald Trump.

“Some have trouble sleeping, most describe feeling anger, sadness and fear”, details the daily life of the West Coast.

Oakland Democrat MP Barbara Lee pictured in San Francisco Chronicle surges in anxiety and crying spells:

Yes, we are policy makers, we are seasoned and we do our job, but we are also human beings and we cannot forget that. ”

Barbara Lee, who was a social worker before being elected to Congress in Washington, has “Experienced a lot of trauma in his life”, underlines the newspaper, which does not prevent it from having the impression of “[s]’to be pulled out of it like never before [lui] arrived. Never [elle] n’[a] felt such immediate danger. ”

A truly horrible day

Same story in the Boston Globe, which highlights the terror felt by Massachusetts parliamentarians attending the Washington Congress on January 6.

For Democratic MP Jim McGovern, for example, hearing protesters smash windows and banging on the door of the House of Representatives was “Like seeing evil in the eyes”. A week after the events, he still remembers “A truly horrible day”.

As to Washington Post, he dwells on the testimony of Democratic MP for Maryland, Jamie Raskin, one of the co-authors of the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump.

Only two days after having buried one of his sons, “Tommy, 25, died by suicide on New Year’s Eve, the MP was on Capitol Hill with his daughter and one of his sons-in-law during the assault by Trump supporters”, reports the daily.

He explains that he was separated from his daughter and his son-in-law during the evacuation of the House of Representatives, then recounts “The hours spent in a secure room after being finally joined by relatives”.

The MP then remained all evening and part of the night of January 6-7 in Congress, when the plenary session interrupted by the intrusion of the demonstrators resumed, to finish certifying the vote of the voters confirming the victory of Joe Biden for the presidential election.

The next days, “He participated in the writing of articles of impeachment against Trump”, without stopping to think of his son, a law student at Harvard University, who died a few days earlier:

If he was still there, he would have thought that the violent assault on Capitol Hill was the worst form of crime that can be brought against democracy. ”

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