An important health warning about abstaining from these medicines during the period of receiving the Corona vaccine

The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population, through its hotline 105, received a number of inquiries and questions from citizens regarding the emerging corona vaccine, and most of the questions that were received to the ministry were related to the prohibited drugs during the period of receiving the vaccine, and in this context the ministry reassured all citizens, stressing that the vaccines that It provides a high degree of safety, adding that there is no need to fear and worry about the vaccines used by the state, as they contribute significantly to reducing the rates of corona infection among citizens and reduce the severity of symptoms visible to the infected.

Medicines not to be used with the vaccine

In a related context, the Ministry of Health revealed 4 drugs that are prohibited from being used during the period of receiving the vaccine due to their side effects, and the ministry said that the drugs referred to are as follows:

  1. Treatments used to fight cancer and treatments for immune diseases that are used to suppress immunity.
  2. Medicines used as anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs that affect inflammation by reducing them, as they are among the drugs that interfere with the work of the vaccine.
  3. Avoid mammograms for women, for 6 weeks after receiving the vaccine.
  4. Avoid cortisone medications, especially injection drugs, before the vaccine and during the period after the vaccine, as directed by the doctor.
Medicines not to be used with the vaccine

precautionary measures

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health and Population, on the other hand, submitted a request to all citizens to follow and adhere to all the precautionary measures announced by the ministry and health authorities to limit the spread of infection among citizens, and the ministry stressed that receiving approved vaccines is one of the most important preventive measures that citizens must adhere to, In addition to the procedures for “wearing a protective mask, social distancing, and washing hands periodically throughout the day”, all of them are measures that significantly reduce infection rates, and in case of infection reduce the severity of symptoms visible to the injured.

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