An indigenous case of dengue confirmed in the Hérault

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According to the Hérault Prefecture and the Occitanie ARS, transmission of the dengue virus has been identified in the Hérault department, in the town of Cessenon-sur-Orb.

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This person was infected in mid-July while staying near a swimming area and nautical activities between the towns of Cessenon-sur-Orb and Murviel-lès-Béziers, at a place called Le Réalsc. This indigenous case has been taken care of and his state of health does not, for the moment, cause concern. The imported case causing the contamination (returning from a trip to a risk area) was identified nearby.

Since the start of the seasonal surveillance period on May 1, all the cases reported nationally were “imported” cases, linked to travelers returning to France.

In practice, dengue is a generally mild disease whose symptoms, relatively similar to those of influenza, with high fever, joint pain, severe headache. This disease is transmitted from person to person through the bite of a tiger mosquito, previously infected with the virus.

Current weather conditions in Hérault are currently particularly favorable to the activity of tiger mosquitoes.


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