An instruction for “manslaughter with hit and run” opened after a chase in Mouscron

Two children aged 4 and 8 lost their lives this Saturday afternoon in a road accident in Mouscron.

Dtheir children aged 4 and 8 were killed on Saturday afternoon in a road accident in Mouscron. A first collision and an altercation between the two drivers resulted in a chase that ended in a fatal off the road. An investigation has been opened, indicates the Tournai-Mons prosecutor’s office.

“An investigation was opened for malicious obstruction to traffic and manslaughter, with hit and run”, indicated around 7:30 pm Julie Baiwy, deputy king’s prosecutor at the Mons prosecutor’s office.

On the basis of testimonies, the magistrate provided some information concerning this double accident which caused the death of two children aged 4 and 8, domiciled in Mouscron.

“There was a first accident between two cars, then an altercation between the two drivers in the parking lot of a supermarket in Dottignies (Mouscron). Following this brawl, a chase started between the two drivers. Along the Dottignies-Mouscron express road (RN58), the driver of an Opel wanted to overtake a Polo registered in France. The driver of this Polo gave a steering wheel which destabilized or caused the other vehicle to swerve, which ended its race against a lighting pole, ”specifies the substitute.

The two children who were sitting in the back of this Opel were killed instantly. The driver, the children’s stepfather, was seriously injured and admitted to the emergency department in Kortrijk.

” His days are not in danger. For his part, the driver of the Polo has fled and is actively sought by the police on both sides of the border ”, adds Ms. Baiwy.

This accident, which occurred after 2:00 p.m., severely disrupted traffic between the A17 motorway and the entrance to the town of Mouscron. The situation normalized around 5:00 p.m.


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