An internet box at 20 € / month with RMC Sport and Telefoot on promotion

The operator SFR in fixed and mobile networks is popular at the moment. Having unveiled its 5G mobile plans which will be released on Tuesday, the internet service provider is increasing its promotions in the run-up to Black Friday. Thus, SFR’s rather diverse and inexpensive internet offer makes it easy to acquire a fiber subscription; for eligible consumers, a large part of the country. Its powerful formulas and packed with additional offers, especially in TV, can satisfy many needs. Among football fans, many will appreciate SFR’s exclusive offer with its internet boxes: an RMC Sport and Telefoot promo at an unbeatable price.

Fiber at SFR and 160 TV channels for € 20 per month for 1 year

It is possible to begin the examination of SFR’s internet offers with a regret: all of its subscriptions require a minimum commitment of 12 months. To find a more flexible formula, it will be necessary to turn to its gamme internet RED by SFR. However, the functions allowed by the operator in its standard offer remain rather high-end. And its prices do not have to be ashamed of the competition; the cheapest internet box from SFR is on sale for 12 months, guaranteeing € 216 savings for consumers. This formula is only 20 € monthly for one year, then 38 € after the minimum subscription period. Note that this price opens the right to a fiber connection, for overpowered navigation.

Internet box promotion SFR Fiber

Promotion box internet.Promotion box internet.

from20 €

The SFR Starter Fiber box allows an up and down speed of around 500 Mb / s, at the top of its performance. For boost internet speed in question, it is possible to subscribe to an SFR Box 8 technology at an additional € 7 per month. The flow will then reach 1 Gb / s in reception, which is more than enough for many video uses.

In addition, the telephone package with this entry-level box can also be used by the majority of users; it is indeed an unlimited option for all of France and for more than 100 international destinations. However, calling by mobile phone can have a cost: here too, SFR offers a special rate of € 5 per month for unlimited calls to mobiles in France, including overseas departments.

As for the TV offer of this promotional internet box, no need for a surplus. The SFR TV pack is included with this internet offer which includes a set-top box, with 160 channels in all, on all themes: continuous news, cinema, sport, regions, etc. To benefit from this package on more devices, a option multi-TV is for sale; SFR offers to share the content of its big screen for only € 3 per month more – no obligation option.

The best fixed and fiber promo from SFR, at a glance:

  • € 20 per month for 12 months of engagement, then € 38;
  • 500 Mb / s for downloading and uploading with optical fiber;
  • up to € 15 per month reduction with the subscription of a SFR mobile plan;
  • 160 free channels from the SFR TV pack, decoder included;
  • unlimited fixed plan to France and internationally;
  • 100 € paid by SFR to cancel another internet subscription.

The reasons for canceling your internet box free of charge.The reasons for canceling your internet box free of charge.

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That’s not all: SFR has a very wide range of multimedia options with its internet subscriptions. In this panel, an operator exclusive to Patrick Drahi, at a rate that is not found anywhere else. This is a pack including two TV services specializing in sport, and in particular in football, which are in great demand in all cases; the RMC Sport bouquet and its 6 channels, as well as the Telefoot channel by Mediapro. SFR offers these two services to only € 19.90 per month with a 12 month commitment. The same pack without obligation costs 10 € more. Whatever formula you choose, it will provide access to most of the football championships in France and Europe.

Other packs are optional at more or less advantageous prices, such as a 2 in 1 CANAL + and Disney +. For the same price and with a month’s trial, it can both fill in the missing matches that could not be found on previous football channels, and satisfy the fans of the current series. Amazon Prime Video is also at the rendezvous at € 5.99 monthly, and a trial month there too. And for gamers? A SFR Gaming promo is planned for the subscription to this internet box; with a catalog of 300 games for around 15 € per month, including one month free.

Telefoot and RMC Sport in SFR promoTelefoot and RMC Sport in SFR promo

TV package for internet box.TV package for internet box.

from39.9 €

The options at SFR and its internet subscriptions do not stop at multimedia, however. This is how data and password storage bonuses are sold by SFR: 1000 GB of cloud, digital safe and creation of secure passwords for 5 € per month including the first month at 1 € each time, that’s pretty interesting. Finally, some will appreciate the equipment to subscribe to make this box a central Automation.

SFR promotions to perfect its internet offer:

  • RMC Sport and Telefoot at € 19.90 per month for 12 months;
  • VOD platforms and TV packages;
  • gaming, connected home, press catalog, digital book service, etc.

Replay SFR TV channels.Replay SFR TV channels.

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