An IT specialist wants to use AI to expose thugs in Belarus

The security forces used water cannons against the demonstrators on Sunday.
Bild: AP

The hope of a revolt in the security apparatus has been deceived. Masked security forces continue to beat opponents of the regime in Belarus. An IT specialist wants to unmask them with artificial intelligence.

WITHWhite masked men in black uniforms stand with batons in hand over a man lying on the ground, a young woman is talking to them. “There’s a grenade, boys, a grenade!” She suddenly shouts. One of the uniformed men threateningly holds a hand on the detonator of a hand grenade. This scene of an arrest in Minsk, which resembles the footage of countless other arrests during the protests in Belarus over the past few weeks, begins a short video that has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube since its release on September 24th.

Reinhard Veser

Then the picture stops, the head of the masked person is zoomed in, next to it an input field opens with empty categories: name, date of birth, rank, address, known violations of the law, information about the family, photographs.


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