An official who works in the general scrutiny tests positive for COVID-19

At least one official who is working on the general counting at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum, in San Juan, tested positive for COVID-19, which caused a group of people, including the director of counting, Ferdinand Ocasio, were placed in isolation, confirmed the electoral commissioner of the Puerto Rican Independence Party, Roberto Iván Aponte.

He added that this situation, although it does not endanger the general scrutiny, which began yesterday in an uneven manner, disrupts the work.

“It does not endanger it, but it alters the jobs because you have to relocate staff to attend to each of the jobs that are being done. There are several people who are in quarantine as a result of Health identifying a person at the table who had tested positive (for the virus)”Commented Aponte, whose alternate electoral commissioner, Claribel Lanausse, is one of those who was placed in isolation as a precautionary measure.

“It was only one person – for the record – but I don’t know if there are other people who have tested positive (for COVID-19)”added.

Another of the officials in isolation is the alternate commissioner of Proyecto Dignidad, Carlos Pérez, confirmed the electoral commissioner Juan Manuel Fronteras.

This situation occurred late last night while the plenary session of the State Elections Commission (CEE) was meeting after it was necessary to vacate the coliseum. The scrutiny was stopped last night after an order from Judge Rebecca de León that required the EEC to deliver the lists of voters who voted by absentee vote and early vote.

The stoppage of work and a call from the electoral commissioner of the New Progressive Party, Héctor Joaquín Sánchez, for the officials of that community to remain at their respective tables, caused an altercation.

Today, the plenary session of the EEC meets in the morning to determine how work will resume and how the judge’s determination will be addressed.

In charge of the alternate president of the EEC

Meanwhile, the counting work will be conducted by the alternate president of the EEC, Jessika Padilla Rivera, a decision adopted yesterday by the plenary session after Aponte requested the exit of the counting director.

Prior to this request, the electoral commissioner of the Citizen Victory Movement, Olvin Valentín, had also requested Ocasio’s departure because he understood that he has a conflict of interest since he works under contract for the president of the Senate, Thomas Rivera Schatz, who was a candidate in these general elections.


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