An old woman’s body was found inside a famous hotel in Agouza..and a health inspector

04:45 PM

Tuesday 21 September 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

Security forces in Giza found the body of an elderly woman inside a famous hotel in the Agouza area.

Brigadier General Hani El Shaarawy, Head of the North Sector, received a signal from the Police Emergency Department that the body of an elderly woman had been found inside a famous hotel.

A security force headed by Major Muhammad Magdy, head of the department’s investigations, moved, and by examination and examination, the body of “Z.Y” was found, fully dressed, and there were no apparent injuries.

The health inspector’s report stated that his death was due to a fall in the blood circulation, and that there was no criminal suspicion surrounding his death.

The body was transferred to the mortuary at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, and the Director of Giza Security was notified and presented to the Public Prosecution to undertake investigations.


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