An onion for the common cold? Sleep better without pajamas? Decryption of several myths about our health

These are sentences, so often repeated, that we ended up integrating them. Beliefs, myths relating to health that sometimes lead us to maintain strange rituals. But are these beliefs really the best for our health? In their book “Kiss On It”, relayed by our colleagues from Nina, Tijn Elferink and Rutger Verhoeff decipher a long list of myths about our health. And if some of their “decoding” seem obvious, others are more surprising.

“We sleep less well in pajamas”

We often hear that sleeping naked can help improve the quality of your sleep. However, everything depends above all on your body temperature, directly influenced by the temperature of the room and your bed. To sleep well, you shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. While the absence of nightwear can help to achieve an ideal body temperature when sleeping, pajamas can also help to feel “safe”, promoting relaxation and therefore sleep. The main thing is to maintain the correct room temperature.

“Brown eggs are better for you”

If dieticians advise to favor brown foods, and therefore whole foods, such as bread, pasta or rice, does the same rule also apply to eggs? Not necessarily, according to Tijn Elferink and Rutger Verhoeff. We generally associate the “brown” color of eggs with free-range breeding, and therefore with healthier products. But the color of the egg is actually determined only by the breed of the hen. White eggs are said to be even better for the environment, with the hens laying these eggs eating less and living longer than the hens laying brown eggs.

“Holding back your sneezes is bad for the eyes”

In these times of health crisis, we sometimes tend to want to refrain from sneezing. But containing his sneezing would indeed be harmful to the eyes. When sneezing, the muscles of the rib cage and lungs contract and send a powerful flow of air, between 100 and 150 km / h, towards the nose. By pinching its nose to avoid sneezing, the air stays inside and causes much higher pressure than when it is expelled outward. With sometimes dangerous consequences, such as a fracture of the orbit, a fracture of the cartilage or the displacement of a dental implant.

“Pulling hair out of a birthmark can lead to skin cancer”

We have been told many times to avoid touching her birthmarks or moles for fear of causing skin cancer. However, according to Rutger and Elferink, you can remove hair from your moles with peace of mind. It would not cause any mutation of the skin cells, as well as scratching his mole.

“Hemorrhoid ointment for dark circles?” “

This is a trick that is surprising. The actress Sandra Bullock had surprised by explaining that she used an anti-hemorrhoid ointment to erase her dark circles. Composed of brewer’s yeast extract and shark liver oil, one can really doubt the effect of anti-hemorrhoid ointment on dark circles. As the two authors report, the cream can also cause skin irritation. Little indicated therefore for an area as sensitive as dark circles.

“Inexpensive spirits give you a hangover”

After a drunken evening, we sometimes tend to blame our hangover and all the inconvenience associated with the “poor quality” of the alcohol consumed. But hangovers are mostly caused by lack of hydration from drinking alcohol and acetaldehyde, a chemical found in alcohol that causes nausea, vomiting, and headaches. Inexpensive drinks, however, can play a role in the “severity” of symptoms. Cheaper wines, for example, contain more sulphites, making hangovers worse. The easiest way to avoid the latter is still not to drink alcohol.

“In case of a cold, placing an onion next to your bed can help”

For centuries, it has been thought that placing a raw onion near you could help in the cure of various illnesses. But the effect of the onion on the cure of the common cold is above all psychological.


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