An open investigation into a dead pig that fell from the sky

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Pigs, illustration. – INA FASSBENDER / AFP

“It’s raining dead pigs. A dead pig was launched from a helicopter in flight into the pool of an entrepreneur’s villa in Uruguay, before it was roasted. A video that has gone viral on social networks shows a helicopter flying over the villa, then falling into a small pool, and into a spray of water, of the body of an animal that turned out to be a dead pig, under the laughter spectators.

The strange case, which occurred in José Ignacio – a posh seaside resort 160 km east of Montevideo – “is being investigated,” prosecutor Ana Dean told channel 10. the testimony of the owner of the house, an Argentine businessman.

Air Force studies flight clearances

According to the prosecutor, the man said that he was “at home with his family” when he heard “an uproar”. When they left, they saw “a pig in the pool, then they removed and ate it, they roasted it and they ate it,” said the prosecutor.

The Uruguayan Air Force, which controls flights over this Latin American country bordering Argentina, announced in a statement that it will conduct “an investigation to collect all the technical details of the flight”, after “The launch of an animal from a civilian helicopter at José Ignacio”.

One of the aims of the investigation is to determine whether an offense or a violation of the aviation code has been committed. In the height of summer tourist season, the affair made the “buzz” on the social networks in Argentina and Uruguay. The identity of the author of the launch was unknown at this point.


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