an outbreak of Aujeszky’s disease detected

AGRICULTURE / An outbreak of this viral disease has been confirmed in a pig farm

The Hautes-Alpes are no longer free from Aujeszky. An outbreak of this viral disease has been confirmed in a pig farm. A disease that affects domestic pigs and wild boars, and accidentally carnivores like dogs through the consumption of meat. However, it is not transmissible to humans, ” the meat of slaughtered pigs is quite edible “ underlines the prefecture. According to the information communicated, the farm concerned is located in a small open-air farm, only one animal is positive, the others do not show clinical signs.

The farm placed under an infection declaration decree

A calendar for ” slaughter the pigs present ‘ will be defined. At the moment, it is not known how the farm was contaminated. No treatment for this disease exists, and vaccination is not possible either. The prefecture has decided to suspend the movement of pigs outside the department, except to go directly to the slaughterhouses. Martine Clavel, the prefect, invites the breeders to report “ without delay to their health veterinarian “ any abnormal clinical signs, such as loss of appetite, persistent fever, nervous, reproductive or respiratory disorders.

C. Cava Michard


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