An unprecedented meeting between Emmanuel Macron and the Greens

The leaders of the German Greens, Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck, on November 17, 2019. – Guido Kirchner / AP / SIPA

It was a rather special meeting, mixed with discretion and formalization, which took place on Friday in Munich. French President Emmanuel Macron met the two leaders of the German Greens, who are on the upside facing a Chancellor at the end of the race. The head of state had dinner with Robert Habeck, very popular in Germany, and Annalena Baerbock shortly after his arrival at the Munich security conference, the annual high defense mass.

Interfering but not seeming to

Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Christian Democratic Party (CDU) are facing a political storm since the alliance of local elected representatives of this party with the far right (AfD). The environmentalist party is also a direct opponent of the chancellor, although it is likely to ally itself next year with the conservatives of the CDU in favor of a change of majority following the planned legislative elections.

If the French presidency announced this meeting, the place was not made public. The Elysee Palace does not want to be accused of interference in the internal affairs of Germany. In order not to rush Angela Merkel, the entourage of the head of state recalled that the appointment had been made before the current upheavals and even already scheduled a first time in Paris and then canceled for reasons of agenda. The three political leaders were to discuss major European issues, security issues and Franco-German cooperation, said those around them.

A new “green” political line

Above all, Emmanuel Macron, who is taking care of his “green” turn since the European elections – he denounced Thursday the devastating effects of climate change since the Mont-Blanc massif – shares with the Greens his ambition of a more powerful Europe. “We salute Macron’s questions for Europe, his level of ambition and the German and European responses he expects,” said Franziska Brantner, deputy responsible for European affairs for the German Greens. However, discussions are likely to be more tense on the President’s program to fight climate change. “In this area, we are waiting for more action and especially not nuclear energy,” said Franziska Brantner.

Emmanuel Macron will continue his tour of the German political world on Saturday during a breakfast with thirty officials from all walks of life – except from the AfD – before speaking at the conference on security, where he is eagerly awaited on nuclear deterrence and European defense.

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