An unrecognizable Renée Zellweger generated controversy

The shocking physical transformation of actress Renée Zellweger that generated controversy (The Grosby Group)

Renée Zellweger has been in the news in recent days for some images that have transcended the filming of “The Thing About Pam”, the new NBC series, where he plays the convicted murderer Pam Hupp. And it has given to speak for using a suit to simulate overweight.

The winner of two Oscars for her roles in “Cold Mountain” (2004) and “Judy” (2020) is also wearing a nasal prosthesis in an effort to become more like Hupp.

Zellweger was photographed in New Orleans, in the costume that pretends to be her own body.

Apparently, the Hollywood star, who over the years has been forced to gain and lose weight on a regular basis as a result of “Bridget Jones’s Diary” and its successful sequels, has decided to opt out this time. her body is challenged to gain weight to adapt to the demands of the script and thus maintain her slim figure.

Renée Zellweger as convicted murderer Pam Hupp (The Grosby Group)
Renée Zellweger as convicted murderer Pam Hupp (The Grosby Group)

This resource is common, but has generated controversy in this regard, with some questioning whether to hire thin actors instead of others who already have a similar physique.

This type of padded suit has already generated controversy in the past among some Hollywood stars, including actresses. Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Paulson, who confessed to having regretted using it considering that it promotes gordofobia.

His detractors affirm that this type of artifices generates that many actresses with this physique lose being hired for those roles, which would lead to greater inclusion.

Paltrow wore this outfit in the movie “Blind Love” (2001). After his experience, he called the decision “disastrous”. For his part, last August, Paulson responded to criticism in an interview on Los Angeles Times. “There is a lot of controversy around actors and ‘fat suits,’ and I think it’s a legitimate controversy,” he said. “I think fatphobia is real and pretending otherwise causes more damage“Said the actress who plays Linda Tripp, a White House employee, in the series” Impeachment: American Crime Story. “

The third season of the Ryan Murphy series focuses on the scandal of Monica Lewinsky, the young White House intern who made headlines around the world after uncovering her affair with Bill Clinton when he was president of the United States.

On social networks they have also spoken about it “Renée Zellweger is unrecognizable in a suit on the set of Pam Hupp. Meanwhile, actresses who are not skinny are ignored for non-stereotypical roles.“Commented a netizen.

The costume worn by actress Renée Zellweger in the nine crime series (The Grosby Group)
The costume worn by actress Renée Zellweger in the nine crime series (The Grosby Group)

“The Thing About Pam” se basa en el real case of the brutal murder of Elizabeth “Betsy” Faria in December 2011 in Missouri. Betsy’s husband Russ returned home to find that his wife had been stabbed multiple times. All eyes were on her husband, who always denied the facts. However, this becomes even more mysterious with the appearance of a woman named Pam Hupp and his plan behind this fact.

The victim changed her life insurance policy of USD 150,000 four days before her murder to the absolute benefit of Pam Hupp and leaving her husband out. He was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment, until his innocence was proven, after spending three years in prison. At the time, her attorney, Joel Schwartz, had singled out Hupp, claiming that she was the top earner from Betsy’s murder. Money would have been the motive for the crime. The case was reopened. This year Hupp was charged with first degree murder. She pleaded not guilty to the stabbing death of her friend.

Hupp is serving a life sentence without parole for the 2016 shooting death of 33-year-old Louis Gumpenberger. Prosecutors said Hupp shot Gumpenberger to divert attention from herself in the new investigation into Faria’s death.

Prosecutor Mike Wood said he will seek the death penalty if Hupp is found guilty.

American actress Renée Zellweger (EFE)
American actress Renée Zellweger (EFE)

The show also stars Josh DuhameHe as Joel Schwartz, the defense attorney for Faria’s husband Russ, according to Deadline.

The series, which according to the interpreter does not speak only of Hupp, but is “a kind of illustration of current social problems”, is also produced by Zellweger.

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