an unsuspected ecological heritage recognized by Unesco



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T. Gross, L. Jacques, B. Kratschmar

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To the south of the Moselle, in the valley of the Sarre and the Seille, is a remarkable ecological heritage, now classified as a Unesco nature reserve.

For local farmers, this is recognition from Unesco. South of the Moselle, the nature reserve, in the valley of the Sarre and the Seille, covers nearly 140,000 hectares. It is nicknamed the land of ponds and forests. All this ecological heritage will help fuel more than 70 projects in the years to come, such as the preservation of aquatic environments, forests and animal species. Emmanuel Furteau, the coordinator of the South Moselle Biosphere Reserve adds that the objective is also to promote agroecology, sustainable development, eco-tourism and finally to establish scientific research in the area.

This new Unesco reserve was a wish of Pierre Singer, director of the Sainte-Croix animal park. The latter wanted above all to raise awareness of the protection of the territory and to think about future generations. Moselle Sud is now the 15e nature reserve recognized by Unesco in France, the second in Lorraine, after the Northern Vosges in 1989.

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