An upcoming TV interview of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan after a week of sparring with the royal family

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After a week full of controversies between the spouses and royal circles, the thrill of knowing what Prince Harry and his wife Megan will reveal in the interview with the most famous American media Oprah Winfrey comes to an end, as the British royal family will discover with millions of viewers Sunday evening what the couple will say during the meeting.

In the interview with the most famous American media, Oprah Winfrey, the thrill of knowing what to reveal Prince Harry and his wife Megan On the end, as the British royal family will discover with millions of viewers on Sunday evening what the couple will say during the meeting after a week of controversies between the spouses and royal circles.

The series of excerpts that the US station “CBS” began showing a week ago indicates that the couple intends to settle scores with Buckingham Palace a year after their withdrawal from the royal family.

للمزيد- Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting a new baby and the royal family blessed

The 39-year-old former actress, who was pregnant with her second child, was accused of “spreading lies” about her, especially Windsor Palace.

On Tuesday, the British newspaper “The Times” published testimonies made by former aides to Megan Markle accusing her of harassing them while she was still living in the royal family. Buckingham Palace expressed “serious concern” about this information, and was quick to announce the opening of an investigation into the matter, in an unusual decision for the institution not accustomed to resolving its internal disputes in public.

The response came immediately from Megan Markle, as a spokesperson said that this information is part of a “campaign to discredit her,” considering that the timing of “the leakage of years-old distorted accusations to the British press” days before the interview, which is presented Sunday night Monday at 01:00 GMT , “Not a coincidence.”

The couple have long justified their withdrawal from the royal family and their departure from Britain by wanting to distance themselves from the British press, but they have not hidden their discomfort with life in the core of the royal family.

The Queen will not watch the interview

As for the members of the British royal family on Sunday, they appeared on a united front hours before the interview. The Commonwealth.

In her pre-recorded speech, the Queen stressed the “free dedication of interests, sense of duty and responsibility” shown by the medical and nursing staff during the pandemic, but some will not hesitate to interpret this remark as a criticism of Prince Harry, his wife.

A source close to the Queen told the Sunday Times that Elizabeth II will not watch her grandson interview and will intensify her media presence next week to confirm that the royal family “focuses on important issues.”

The newspaper also indicated that individuals in the royal circles did not hesitate to describe the interview as a “circus”, and they were preparing to respond “through new leaks” regarding the behavior of the spouses in case they were exposed to the royal family in the interview.

However, many royal experts rule out any direct attack by Megan or Harry on members of the royal family during the two-hour interview, given the strong emotional bond between Prince Harry and his grandmother.

But Harry and Meghan are expected to take a heavy toll on the unforgiving British press in their Sunday headlines.

“My biggest concern was seeing history repeat itself,” Prince Harry, 36, said in excerpts from the private interview on “CBS”, referring to the tragic death of his mother in 1997 in a traffic accident in Paris while her driver was trying to remove her from the lenses. Celebrity photo hunters.

Millions of dollars in interview

After confirming that the queen would permanently withdraw from the royal family after a period of observation that lasted about a year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who married in May 2018, lost their last official titles in February.

The couple, who moved first to Canada and then to Municeto, California, USA since March 2020, have relied on their image as a contemporary duo with a focus on humanitarian work in a country where they have a more positive view of public opinion than Britain.

While commentators specializing in the British royal family criticize the couple as selfish, American observers perceive the treatment of Megan Markle with some racism.

Since leaving Britain, the couple established their “Archwell” organization and signed a contract with Netflix to produce programs, in a deal valued by US media outlets at a hundred million dollars, in addition to a contract to produce podcasts for Spotify.

In addition to that, a partnership with the new “Apple TV” platform, in cooperation with the American presenter Oprah Winfrey, is added by the couple, who were chosen for their dialogue in the interview, which will be presented on Sunday.

The “Wall Street Journal” reported that Oprah Winfrey sold this interview to “CBS” for a price ranging between seven million dollars and nine million, while preserving the international broadcasting rights that generate huge revenues in light of the interest of many around the world in this event. Televsion.

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