Ana Gabriel is not the mother of Andrea Meza, Miss Universe

The communicator opened the debate on her social networks, where several users assured that the resemblance between the queen and the singer was undeniable, tal as hinted by several people on the coronation night of the international pageant.

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Miss Universe Andrea Meza clarifies if Ana Gabriel is her biological mother

In a conversation that the Mexican queen had with a correspondent of ‘Tell me what you know‘, he asked about the controversy, which went around the world and was replicated by various media.

When in doubt, Andrea Meza replied with a laugh that he did hear about the subject and clarified that he has no “idea where this gossip comes from”, because she is clear who her biological parents are: Santiago Meza and Alma Carmona.

“There is no such doubt in my mind, I haven’t even touched on that topic with them. Then it came out that I was the daughter of ‘Chabelo’… That she was married ”, added the also engineer, whom they viralized him into a false confession about the interpreter of ‘Simply friends’.

Here, the interview that Miss Universe gave to the medium:

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Andrea Meza: Where are you from and who are your parents?

The young woman, what was crowned Miss Universe on May 16 In 2021, he was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, and is 26 years old; furthermore, it is described as a software engineer, vegan, activist against gender violence and tourism ambassador in her city.

The young woman’s parents are Santiago Meza and Alma Carmona, although it was only the first who was accompanying her to receive the crown of the contest because, a few days before the event, her mom found out she has a tumor.


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