Ana Rosa Quintana, in mourning for the girls of Tenerife

Yesterday the Civil Guard found the body of Olivia, the oldest of the little girls kidnapped by her father, Tomás Gimeno

Ana Rosa Quintana wears the tie of mourning after confirming the death of one of the girls from Tenerife. / Telecinco

Ana Rosa Quintana started her program this morning with the news that yesterday overwhelmed all of Spain: the discovery of Olivia’s body, the eldest of the two daughters kidnapped by her father, Tomás Gimeno, in Tenerife. After 45 days of searching, the Civil Guard confirmed the worst news and is now working to find the other body, that of little Anna.

The Telecinco journalist appears with a black crepe as a sign of mourning for the alleged crime of the 6 and 1 year old girls. «Just as you tried to save your daughters, may the world not abandon you and help you save yourself», He said as soon as the program began in an emotional message addressed to Beatriz, the mother. Yesterday the Civil Guard found the body in a bag tied to the anchor of Tomás Gimeno’s ship.

«Beatriz has tried to save the lives of her daughters with her daily letters, with her words, with her hope, with those claims she made to the father … She has done the human and the divine to save them (…) We are going to try everything so that you do not sink », Ana Rosa said in a message sense.

The finding was immediately communicated to the girls’ mother and the rest of her family. The location of the body occurred the same day that Beatriz, who never lost hope, made her first voice record public. There she said she was convinced that everything was “a theater” for Tomás to mortify her, that he believed that his daughters were hidden somewhere and that they were still alive.


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