Analysis of daily limit on November 24: the concept of 90-share daily limit in the two cities broke out again

  On November 24, the concept of meta universe rose sharply. The concepts of textiles, clothing, coal, wine, infants and children, rare earth permanent magnets, secondaryNew crotchThe gains in other sectors are among the top; the shipping, energy storage, seed industry, and environmental protection sectors are among the top declines.

  1. Today’s market situation

As of the close,The Shanghai Composite IndexRose 0.1% to 3592.7 points;Shenzhen Component IndexFell 0.12% to 1,4887.6 points;Growth Enterprise Market IndexThe number fell 0.4% to 3,478.66 points.

  2. Summary of today’s daily limit

Today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets have a daily limit of 90 shares.Specifically, todayShanghai IndexAt one time, it returned to 3,600 points. The stocks in the two cities rose and fell by half. The concept of meta universe broke out again. The rare earth permanent magnets continued to be strong, and the clothing and home textiles sector ranked among the top gainers.

  3. The specific situation of today’s daily limit

  1. The concept of meta universe:Jiachuang VideoJinyun LaserSichuan Net MediaGQY videoDafu TechnologyWait for the multi-stock daily limit

On the news, Tianyan Check data shows that as of November 17, the number of “Meta Universe”-related trademark applications exceeded 4,400, of which more than 3,000 are currently in the status of “waiting for substantive examination.” Up to now, more than 700 companies have applied for Metaverse related trademarks. As of November 8th, there were nearly 400 companies that have registered Metaverse-related trademarks. As of the end of September, about 130 companies had registered Metaverse-related trademarks.

  2. Rare earth permanent magnet:Zhenghai Magnetic MaterialsInnovaWait for the daily limit

On the news,CITIC SecuritiesIt is pointed out that the downstream replenishment of rare earths is actively being carried out in the near future, and the national heavy policy is gradually approaching. Supply and demand and policy support are expected to resonate. When the global revaluation of rare earth resources is underway, continue to recommend strategic allocation opportunities for the entire industry chain of rare earths. It is expected that the price of rare earths may increase steadily in 2022, and the profits of companies related to the rare earth industry chain are expected to grow sustainably in the long-term. It is continuously recommended to pay attention to the strategic allocation value of the whole industry chain of rare earths.

  3. Clothing and home textiles sector:MilemaMeibon ApparelZhejiang NatureGeorge WhiteWait for the daily limit

(Source: Securities Times·e Company)


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