Anand urges Pfizer to resume vaccine deliveries as soon as possible | News | The right

Lhe supply problems at Pfizer have forced Quebec and Ontario to revise their forecasts for the vaccination campaign.

Anita Anand said she understood and shared Canadians’ concerns over the pharmaceutical company’s decision to delay international vaccine shipments by four weeks in order to modernize its production facilities in Europe.

“We are once again in contact with representatives from Pfizer to strongly reiterate the importance for Canada of returning to its usual delivery schedule as soon as possible,” Anand wrote on her Twitter account on Saturday. Pfizer has assured us that it is making every effort to achieve this. It’s an evolving situation. ”

She reported that deliveries for next week should not be affected by this issue. She said the government will provide updates as they become available.

The Quebec Ministry of Health announced on Friday an update of its vaccination campaign, revising its objectives downwards, “due to the reorganization of the production line of the Pfizer company and the delay that this will cause in delivery. “.

According to him, 86,775 of the 176,475 doses planned by February 8 cannot be administered. The decrease will be especially significant for the weeks of January 25 and February 1. The predicted number of doses drops from 46,800 to 41,925 over the next week, from 46,800 to … 8,775 over the next week, and from 82,875 to 39,000 during the week of February 1.

In Ontario, the province’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams said the delays will have repercussions in the province, although authorities cannot yet determine the extent of the delay.

“We understand that this change in supply could result in at least half of deliveries to Canada in the coming weeks,” said Dr. Williams. We will assess and take appropriate action to ensure that we can continue to provide vaccines to those most vulnerable. ”

In Saskatchewan, authorities have indicated that the vaccination campaign will continue as doses are received. Premier Scott Moe recalled Friday that the province’s strategy depended on regular shipments.

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