Anastasia Makeeva spoke about leaving the stage

But the artist has an alternate airfield for this case.

Anastasia Makeeva made an important confession and for the first time said that she could soon end her career. However, she will definitely not be left without a means of subsistence – she has many plans.

Now the singer cannot live without a stage, she literally lives at work: she acts in various projects, plays in productions, gives concerts, travels on business trips. However, soon there will be no trace of this. It turned out that Anastasia was not ready to spend her whole life in such a rhythm.

“I really like the stage, but I don’t see myself jumping on it until I’m old. I would like to eventually translate myself into a state of work in a buzz. Spend more time with family. Therefore, we are developing several areas of family business projects, creating a large family company, ”said the artist for Teleprogramma.Pro.

Makeeva admitted that she has her own brands of cosmetics and clothing. In addition, she plans to build a boutique hotel in Altai.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Julia Chubakova

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