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Three organizations closely linked to Chilean broadcast television have exposed severe criticism of the CNTV in recent months. Among the reasons are a change in the Council’s evaluation criteria, as well as an increase in monetary sanctions.

This is how he made it known Third, which revealed the complaints that have arisen in recent days from Canal 13, TV + and Anatel.

One of the executives who spoke about this situation was Max Luksic (Channel 13), who in a statement to the aforementioned media also made reference to the delicate economic moment that that industry is experiencing.

“We show our concern about the increase in charges and sanctions that in the last two years have increased considerably and also that on occasions, our arguments are not well considered by the CNTV, when we believe, there are sufficient reasons to acquit the channels, “he said.

“That is why I have requested that the option be studied that the time slot for those over 18 years is from 9:00 pm, when all channels are on the news. The objective is to give space to sponsors who cannot be part of our daily batches ”, added.

Ernesto Corona | UNO Agency

Without going any further, between November 2019 and December 2020 that television house received 13 fines for a total of 1,050 UTM, something like 53,580,450 pesos.

For his part, in the same article Martin Awad (TV +) He hinted that, unlike in previous years, in recent times the CNTV has been less open to listening to reasons from the channels that are being fined.

“We do not understand very well if there was a change in criteria or we sometimes feel that our arguments regarding fines or non-compliance have not been well understood, but it is impressive how fines have increased and for things that can be more subjective, such as finding something more cultural or less cultural, “he said.

Likewise Ernesto Corona, President of Anatel, explained that this type of thinking is something generalized within the television industry.

“I regret that this is the case and it is not only the vision of two channel directors, because I have been able to verify in the analysis meetings that we have of this situation, that it is a generalized thought, there has been a non-beneficial change in the criteria for evaluating the action of the channels ”, he stated.

In this sense, Catalina Parot, former president of the CNTV, said that as a result of a specific issue, the formulations of charges and sanctions have increased, although she also acknowledged in recent times these have remained stable.

“Since the broadcast of a miscellaneous program where a gynecological report of a victim of gender violence was made public (Case Nábila Riffo, Channel 13), in which 1,134 citizen complaints were received, complaints from viewers have been more that doubled in four years with an increase of 150% ”, he said.

On the other hand, the former minister of the first government of Sebastián Piñera referred to the idea that the CNTV becomes a purely technical body.

“Whatever the institutional framework of the Council, those regulated by it must always comply with the law. In addition, according to the law, the National Television Council is a regulatory body, in charge of ensuring the correct functioning of television services and guaranteeing the rights of audiences, ”he concluded.


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