Anatomía del "mejor gol" de la carrera de Luis Suárez (Albert Nadal)

"Knowing that there was little angle, the last resort I had was to try to finish with the heel and strong, so that the ball kicked and, thus, give the goalkeeper the least chance of stopping it. If he did not make this boat, it would be impossible for the ball to have passed. Luckily, a nice goal came out. " This was how Luis Suárez described the unbelievable target that he scored with the goal in the Barça win against Mallorca on Saturday at the Camp Nou, and that he defined as the "best goal" of his career. Big words dealing with the Barça midfielder. It is undoubtedly a goal that has turned the world around for beauty and the difficulty of execution. As Suárez described, it was not the result of chance.

It was the brilliant culmination of a move that, to round it off, was the result of a counterattack in which precisely Suárez was not right when attending his companions. Mallorca's defense ended up rejecting the ball after a defective center of Rakitic; Roberto recovered it and handed it to Messi, near the front, this one at Griezmann and, from there, everything accelerated. The French striker made a delicate left, also with the heel, at the first touch, which picked De Jong. The Dutch midfielder – who had an excellent performance on Saturday – started a diagonal from left to right from the front with two walls. First, De Jong was associated with Busquets, followed by Sergi Roberto, to end up giving a delicate pass to the unmarked Suárez, who, on his back, invented one of the goals of the season. The Uruguayan signed his eighth goal of the year in the League and the eleventh overall with an amazing resource, because the ball was not enough to push; It was necessary that you kick to overcome the goalkeeper, which involved more difficulty in the execution.

"Suárez's goal seems surprising, extraordinary, incredible … I thought that, with the heel, what he would look for would be to attend a teammate … but he scored a goal and he did it with all his intentions. It was a goal, "said Ernesto Valverde after the match. Suárez himself, able to make a goal as plastic as Saturday, and also to make things easier, revealed an anecdote with his coach: "The forwards have many occasions and sometimes it is true that the easiest, The same míster told me to rest, but that is why we are the forwards, to have resources and sometimes we can score and others do not ".

The precedent of Kluivert

Mallorca has the honor, unfortunately for their interests, of having fitted two goals for the front striker of Barça. Luis Suárez's brilliant Saturday, which was the first time he faced the whole of the Balearic Islands and which, with his goal, already scored against 28 teams in the First Division, has to add a precedent to the 2002-2003 season, with Patrick Kluivert as protagonist. On that occasion the Kluivert target was at home: the Dutch ex-leader controlled a ball with his chest in the area after a wall with Mendieta and surprisingly Leo Franco finished with an elegant heel finish.

Messi, 35 'hat tricks' bathed in gold

With his spectacular goal, Suárez added against Mallorca to Leo Messi's party. In front of the Majorcan set, the Argentinian celebrated his sixth Golden Ball with his hat trick Number 35 in the League. This is a new record for Messi, because he has surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo as a player with more hat tricks to the highest Spanish competition. The Argentinian, despite frightening all Barça fans and football in general when he gave the floor withdrawal Just a week ago, it continues to break records.

With three goals against Mallorca Messi, he was the top scorer in the League, despite not having started scoring until the eighth day, because some games were lost due to injury. The Barça captain adds twelve goals, one more than the forward of Real Madrid Karim Benzema. Messi accumulates fourteen straight years, adding at least ten goals in the competition: a goal unmatched in the five main European leagues.


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