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Ancient medicine has its magic

Luz Adriana was running out of Petronius. From one moment to the next, she had such a strong colic that due to the twisting the bow of her turban fell apart, her makeup dripped and her white dress got dirty, while she denied in the middle of tears.

His saving angel appeared out of nowhere. “Wait a while,” old Mauro told him. And in a matter of minutes he arrived with the magical products of Casa Maya Huasca that Irina Cañanas prepares from Chocó, which she sells at stand 51 of the Petronio Citadel, located in the Alberto Galindo Sports Unit, in Cali.

Irina’s prodigious hands rubbed the Herbal ointment on Luza’s belly, prepared with coca leaves, marijuana, calendula, eucalyptus, chamomile, rosemary, anamu and capsaicin, a substance found in chili pepper and whose action consists of affecting the Nerve cells in the skin that are associated with pain, causing a decrease in the activity of these nerve cells and a decreased sensation of pain.

In five minutes and as if by magic, the pains went away, Luz Adriana smiled again, adjusted her bun, rubbed her eyes, forgot the stain on her skirt and came out singing: “Put my hand, take out and güelé “…

All thanks to the fact that Irina learned from her ancestors the fusion of the traditions of the Pacific and Putumayo, in which the healing knowledge of blacks and indigenous people is passed from generation to generation.

It does the same with medicinal salts to relax tired feet, make poor circulation flow, prevent and heal varicose vein, combining them with boiled water to be used as compresses or inhaling its vapor to combat Covid, since it decongests the respiratory tract and detoxifies the body through the pores.

The natural purgative is made with zen, acacia and boldo, mixed in their right proportions, to later be diluted in orange juice and continue the treatment with a liquid diet in which light foods can be eaten, since due to its effectiveness, it releases stomach.

As a good holistic therapist, Irina not only stayed in the ancestral medicine that she learned from her knowledgeable grandmother and her doctor husband Reiky, but also allowed herself to be trapped by the magic of sorcerers, who have had a lot of influence on her products, since the shamanism, energetic cleansing baths, perfumes with quereme plants, path opener, follow me, sticky-stick and adventurous, which contain pheromones to bring the loved one closer and mustard seeds for abundance and prosperity, as well as the root of mandrake to protect and attract, provide that magnetism that brings good vibes so that everything works perfectly.

In his repertoire there is also the yagé, which is worked with a ceremony of taking, without being a trip in which the person can stay, but is an encounter with himself to fix his life and not to hallucinate; While the protection amulets are cured with prayers so that bad vibes do not penetrate and nothing bad happens to the wearer.

And in the midst of lullabies, shawms, Caucasian violins and marimba chords, the therapist Irina caressed the wrists and the back of the ears of a young and handsome cameraman, who only had in mind to get up a brunette with aromatherapy loaded of pheromones that were being applied. He came out singing: “Drink, dance, shout, fuck … let’s go to the grave” …

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