[Ancient Rhyme Liufang]The daughter-in-law chosen by the Ulanala family by Kangxi | Yongzheng | Qianlong | Empress

Yongzheng honored the queen of Xian, the Ulanala clan, who was deeply loved by Kangxi when he was young. At the age of twelve, he was appointed to the fourth elder brother Yinzhen (ie Yongzheng) to get married. In the inner palace, she has been filial piety for decades, deeply loved by the emperor and elders. (Provided by “Gu Yun Liufang”)

YongzhengHonor the queen constitution-Uranaras, Was born in a famous family in the Zhenghuang Banner of Manchuria. His father Fei Yanggu made great contributions. He was the emperor’s confidant and the commander of the infantry. His mother wasNurhaciGreat-great-granddaughter.

She is better thanYongzhengWhen I was three years old, when I was young, I was deeplyKangxiFavorite. The Zhengfujin of the elder brothers usually has to go through many selections and is decided by the prince’s mother. But when she was twelve years old,KangxiThe emperor skipped these procedures and personally appointed her to the fourth elder brother Yinzhen (ieYongzheng) Marriage and titled Fujin.

NaraSoft and beautiful, with benevolence, love and moderation.She was young and served the father-in-law for Yongzheng as soon as she got married.KangxiEmperor, mother-in-law Wu Ya and Kangxi’s aunt Renxian empress dowager. In the inner palace, I greet the three elders every day, serve public meals, and live in front of the mother-in-law and the empress dowager. They have been filial piety for decades until they end their lives, so they are deeply loved by the three elders. Mother-in-law Wuya doesn’t like her son Yongzheng very much, but she likes her daughter-in-law very much.

When Yongzheng ascended the throne, he had to choose one of his concubines to be the queen, and Yongzheng was canonized.Uranaras. When he became a queen, Nara’s was no different from before. He was gentle and respectful to others, and he was even very low-key.

The royal family is rich all over the world, but she keeps Kangxi’s thrifty virtue with her husband. The costumes and living utensils are simple and unpretentious, and there is nothing rare in the palace furnishings.

In the eighth year of Yongzheng, the emperor fell ill with a serious illness and planned to prepare for his funeral. Thanks to the empress’s careless and careful care, his condition gradually improved. Immediately afterwards, the queen could not afford to be ill, and died shortly after moving to Changchun Garden at the age of 51.

YongzhengVery sad. From the prince to the prince Belle, and the prince, to the emperor, she accompanied him with all the dangers and storms… She had just been in power for nine years, but she passed away. He personally proposed the posthumous title for the queen as “Queen of Filial Piety”. In the edict to mourn her, he mentioned: The most rare thing is that she has been consistent for forty years.

After her death,YongzhengThere has been no immediate post. On New Year’s Eve, Ching Ming Festival, Zhong Yuan Festival, he sent officials to worship the ancestor’s mausoleum and honor the queen, mourning and honoring her. Four years later, Yong Zheng also passed away.Before he died, he specially made a will and orderedQianlong, Be sure to bury the Queen of Filial Piety and yourself in Tailing, and share the Taimiao with yourself.

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