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It was recently revealed that longtime Street Fighter character Fei Long will no longer appear in the fighting game series due to a conflict with the Bruce Lee estate. In this regard, Capcom officially denied. Street Fighter VI game director Takayuki Nakayama clarified that there are no legal issues related to the appearance of the dragon.


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Flying dragon first appeared in the 1993 Super Street Fighter 2 game as one of the four new challengers at the time, and the character’s image design was clearly borrowed from Bruce Lee.

Last month, “Street Fighter 5” composer Daniel Lindholm hinted that Fei Long may no longer appear in the “Street Fighter” game, after the Bruce Lee estate management committee insisted that Bruce Lee’s portrayal must be “honorable”. , rather than the humorous “comedian” sidekick in Quentin’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” movie.

Lindholm later said he didn’t have a deep understanding of the issue, and Bruce Lee’s official Twitter account said they had not issued such an instruction. But oddly enough, the dragon still doesn’t appear in the Street Fighter 5 game, not even the DLC. There’s also no Dragon in the previously leaked Street Fighter 6 character roster.

So the flying dragon is really hidden in the snow? At last week’s Summer Game Festival, foreign media Eurogamer contacted Capcom, and the answer was about the dragon, and there are currently no questions preventing the character from appearing.

“None of the Bruce Lee estate management committee news they mentioned is true, I can’t say whether Flying Dragon will be in Street Fighter 6, but there is absolutely no legal issue at the moment.”

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