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And God in all this? "

Catch-up television. Funny concert of Laurent Voulzy on the Mont Saint-Michel and other inspired shows where one takes height.

Voulzy on the Mount

Nice concert of Laurent Voulzy, on France 2, in the church of Mont Saint-Michel. The friend of Alain Souchon dreamed for some time and now it was possible in this tour of churches and cathedrals. At the price of some materials transported by helicopter to the top of Mt. Accompanied to the keyboards by Michel Amsellen and the voice, harp and guitars, by the French-American Naomi Greene. A choir joins the trio. Laurent Voulzy touches a fervent public come under these vaults to hear titles with spiritual and religious resonance and others less. A beautiful moment where space counts as much as the repertoire. The tour will continue in 2020.


Bells, like the soul of a church

Arte rebroadcast a report with artistic accents and believers. One of the churches in Monopoli, an Italian town in Apulia (86,000 inhabitants), has no bell. The electric chime set up dropped. Don Vincenzo, the parish priest, and his parishioners order a new bell in a specialized and age-old company, the Marinelli smelter. Also empowered by the Vatican himself to place himself under his patronage. The story of the making and setting up of the new bell. Friendly.


Christian Bobin Special

On France 5 the program "La Grande librairie" does not fail to greet the literary news of one of its favorite authors, Christian Bobin. And now surrounded by fervent readers, artists, philosopher or explorer of the poles (Jean-Louis Étienne) the author returns to his recent works and beyond. With a special mention for his essay dedicated to his friend and painter Pierre Soulages, soon centenary. A gentle start and some more nourished exchanges like the one about the question of God, angels and religion, with the philosopher André Comte-Sponville. As always with the author of "Very low" nuggets, moments of grace and wonder to share.


When disability changes lives

"From one world to another" directed by Didier Bivel, with Pascal Demolon, Anne Marinin, Jules Houplain. Touching fiction on France 3 as part of the day of the handicap. Where we discover Thomas, forty-year old father and owner of a small carpentry, who sees his life turned upside down after a car accident that leaves him paraplegic. After months of rehabilitation, he returns home and must now live with the disability that leaves him dependent or assert his paternal authority. A fiction close to the reality of those confronted with these turning points in a life. Accents of truth and an approach without taboos.


Let's talk about sport and faith

On France 2 as part of Sunday morning religious programs, the Protestant sequence "Ma foi" portrays pastor Joël Thibault, a spiritual accompanist to top athletes, such as footballer Olivier Giroud. When stadium gods have reason to believe it.


Robert Migliorini

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