And now, tachán-tachán, the animal welfare law

They are going to see that the whipping of the Spanish Minister of Equality does not abate, but the right-handed columneros have discovered another calf to nail their jaws to: the so-called animal welfare law. On this occasion, who is behind is the minister Ione Herb, although his name is not yet highlighted. Wait.

ABC has been a pioneer in the premiere, leading to its second cover this headline: “The CGPJ warns that the Government equates animal abuse with family abuse”. As a complement, an editorial of a couple of paragraphs. Here’s the first one: “It’s not just the ‘only yes is yes law’ that is allowing the release of sexual abusers, or the repeal of sedition, or the open debate on whether the penalties for embezzlement should be reduced. Now, the penal reform that the Podemos sector intends to impose in the Executive to fight against animal abuse is coming face to face with serious inconsistencies that the General Council of the Judiciary has revealed in a report that will be debated in the coming days ”.

“Now comes the mojiganga of legislative perroflautismo”

Ignacio Camacho (ABC)

That’s the sweetened version. The one who wears cayena in the kitchen, the veteran columnist of the ancient newspaper Ignacio Camacho. I join the beginning with the end: “After the burlesque spectacle of sedition, the farce of embezzlement and the drama of rape, comes the prudery of legislative perroflautismo. As it is. The Animal Welfare Law not only attributes rights to creatures of the Lord who do not have and cannot have duties, but in its process of humanizing all living beings (more inspired by Disney than in San Francisco) it equates the punishment for hitting a person with that of mistreating a kitten. The Sanchista occurrence of putting a group of undocumented immigrants with political acne to legislate is turning the Criminal and Civil Codes into a true delirium, a draft to write down all kinds of legal nonsense ”.

“The Council of Ministers is bleeding inside”

The reason

Waiting for more —I bet tomorrow there will be half a dozen pieces—, we take care of who today completes a full week of colajamiento. The good news for her, according to The reasonis that the big boss is not going to let it fall, and that is how he titles it in the first place: “Sánchez protects Irene Montero against the PSOE”. As subtitles, these two separated by a period followed: “In the midst of the controversy over the “only yes is yes” Law, the president puts the coalition before the demands of the party. The Council of Ministers is bleeding inside”. Curious and disturbing image, that last one.

“What we are seeing is totally consistent with the behavior of communism”

Francisco Marhuenda (The Reason)

On the last page of the blue newspaper, the director, Francisco Marhuenda, deals with a derivative of the matter, the attacks by Podemos (not only Pablo Iglesias) on Yolanda Díez for her silence on the matter. She thus glosses them: “What we are seeing is totally consistent with the behavior of communism. Revenge, hatred and purges are the common thread of these formations, because the first one to be led to a Czech or the gulag is the friend turned into an enemy by the leader. These are the first to be indoctrinated, since they have strayed from the straight path. It doesn’t matter if they are totalitarian regimes or democracies, because communist parties develop sick behaviors and sectarian structures.”.

In The Spanishthe squire of Pedro J. Ramírez who cares for Christian Campos He shoots his dialectical bullets at the minister. He is not the first to pray that she neither resigns nor is dismissed from her: “Removing Irene Montero would make her the martyr of a party that loses a few thousand votes every day and that would reactivate its currently unmotivated electorate if a casus belli like that was offered on a platter. And that is why one should ask for the resignation of Irene Montero with a small mouth, trusting that the message does not go too far, if what is wanted is to defeat Sánchez “.

There are no two without three. And that goes for the column of The Objective Guadalupe Sanchez, which today marks the third Philippic on the same subject. Enough and spare as a sample with the boot: “The most feminist law of democracy, the one that came to guarantee the sexual freedom of women, has ended up being a guarantor of the freedom of rapists. A reality so astonishing and atrocious that not even the Peronist story is managing to hide under layers of manipulation and infamy”.

And now yes, I change their diet. Today, October 22, marks the 47th anniversary since Juan Carlos de Borbón inherited as king the head of the Spanish state that has just been vacated for biological reasons by the person who appointed him, Francisco Franco. A Luis Maria Anson does not miss the anniversary: “Afterwards Don Juan Carlos, according to the most demanding historians, turned his reign into one of the four most outstanding in the History of Spain, along with those of Carlos I, Felipe II and Carlos III. And after having installed the country in freedom and prosperity, he now endures a regrettable situation when the Swiss Justice and the Spanish Justice have exonerated him from the slightest indication of crime ”.

“The truth will prevail and both Franco and King Juan Carlos will be returned to the place in history to which they are entitled”

Ramón Pérez-Maura (The Debate)

For the same price, the clerk of The debate Ramon Perez-Maura serves us a two for one. Gloss to the now resident in Abu Dhabi and lick the leader: “But on this November 22, which marks the 47th anniversary of the proclamation of Don Juan Carlos as King of Spain, I want to believe that, no matter how ungrateful the Spaniards are, the truth will prevail and both Franco and King Juan Carlos will it will return them to the place in history to which they have a right because, with defects, like all human beings, but with many successes, they left a Spain infinitely better than the one they found”. The piece is titled “Francisco Franco, although today they deny it”. Tracatra.

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