And slender legs coquettishly crossed! Pugacheva in a hoodie went down to breakfast

The prima donna coquettishly clung to her husband showman Maxim Galkin.

Alla Pugacheva with children – twins Harry and Lisa. Photo:

On the personal page on Instagram, the showman Maksim Galkin shared rare home shots, “caught” his soulmate in the living room of a castle near Moscow in the village of Gryaz, and then in the kitchen. In the morning Alla Pugacheva with a light tousled hairdo of small curls and a short black hoodie with tight nylon tights, she went down from her bedroom for breakfast. Harry was the first to notice the eminent mother in the living room. He gave the Primadonna a bouquet of flowers, which touched the singer a lot. Alla Borisovna almost shed a tear, she was so pleased with the attention of her son Harry.

“Are these flowers for me?” the singer asked her son in surprise.

“Yes!” Harry replied modestly, a little embarrassed that his mother was so emotional.

“This is happiness, Lord! Impossible happiness, ”Alla lamented, almost sobbing.

Singer Alla Pugacheva with her son Harry
Alla Pugacheva almost shed a tear when her son Harry gave her a bouquet of flowers. Photo:

Well, then, for breakfast, the Prima Donna looked into the kitchen, and there the twins Harry and Lisa ate eclairs and donuts in chocolate with appetite before school. Alla Pugacheva coquettishly clung to her husband showman Maxim Galkin, as if admiring this family idyll.

Singer Alla Pugacheva with Maxim Galkin and son Harry
Alla Pugacheva, in a short black hoodie and thick nylon tights, looked into the kitchen, and there the twins Harry and Lisa ate donuts with gusto. Photo:

The singer gracefully crossed her slender legs, emphasizing her elegant bow. Even in the mansion, the Primadonna sometimes walks in heels, demonstrating the perfection of forms. Well, showman Maxim Galkin never ceases to give compliments to his soul mate.

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