And the CHP deputy announced his resignation! He rebelled with harsh words…

2023-04-20 04:24:00

CHP İzmir Deputy Özcan Purçu resigned from his CHP membership, citing the fact that no Roma citizens were included in the CHP’s parliamentary candidate lists. Purçu stated that this situation causes sadness among Roman citizens. “The Romans lived the winter when spring was coming.” said.

Purchu, “Don’t the novels have as much value as Sadullah Ergin?” He also made a remarkable reference.


According to Anadolu Agency, Purçu noted that Romani citizens had many problems and that he expressed these problems during his time as an opposition deputy. “Why didn’t you put one Roma citizen on the list? Why did you ignore the Roma?” asked.

Explaining that 6 million Roma living in Turkey have 4 million votes, Purçu said, “Why did you ignore the votes of these Romani citizens? Why do you ignore the votes of 6 million Roman citizens when you say ‘the vote of even one person is very important’ and tweets? Aren’t the Roma as valuable as Sadullah Ergin? What did the Romans do to you?” used the phrases.

Purçu stated that he expects a correction until the last day of the finalization of the candidate list, but that no Romani parliamentary candidate was included in the list.


Purçu, who said that a deputy chairman who said “Kemalism is racism” was put in the first place in İzmir, claimed that this was an insult to the people of İzmir.

“We said Halil İbrahim table, are there any Roma at Halil İbrahim table?” Purçu, who asked the question, argued that the lists were made with the understanding of teamwork. Criticizing the quota given to the parties in the Nation Alliance, Purçu said, “How many deputies did you give to parties that could not get even 1 percent of the vote? Couldn’t you put a candidate from the Roma? Add those four parties, it can’t even come close to the Roma votes in Turkey.” he said.

Özcan Purçu, announcing that he resigned from his 22-year party membership, stated that the reactions from the Roma associations and federation against not being nominated for a Roma candidate were effective in his decision. Expressing that he also wanted to resign from his deputyship, Purçu stated that his petition was not accepted because the Parliament was closed.

of a journalist “Did you convey your objections to the Chairman?” Purçu to the question, “I sent it, we couldn’t get a result. I got the answer, ‘We forgot many people like you, maybe, keep working’.” gave the answer.


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