And the Lebanese Republic has a king… His name is Saif Al-Waleed Harb

In the biggest party of this year and in front of an unprecedented media crowd, Mr. Nidal Bouchraoui, in cooperation with MTV, held a party to elect a king on the throne of Lebanese beauty at M13 Antelias.

Haifa Wehbe was the star of the evening par excellence, as she sang her new song, Weld and Hit the stage.
The judging committee this year was headed by Representative Paula Yacoubian, with Minister and Representative Elie Marouni, Palestinian writer Shaker Khazal, Miss Lebanon Nicole Bardawil, representative of the Ministry of Tourism Elaine Haddad, businesswoman Joanna Karim, facial specialist Dr. Michel Helou, cosmetic dentist Dr. Ali Jaradi and fashion designer Jean Bou Doumit, in addition to Mr. Nidal Bushraoui, the concert also witnessed artistic stations for each of the Iraqi artist Mustafa Al-Abdullah and the artist Catalia…
The 18 participants appeared in several distinct looks, and the judging committee chose 10 of them to move to the second stage, and after asking them questions, the committee chose 6 contestants for the final stage after their insistence on the sixth name, which is the participant Jeremy Malukian, who won the title of Mr personality.
The participant, Mustafa Dabbous, also received the title of Mr. photogenic, and after the unified question, he won the title of joint beauty king of Lebanon, Saif Al-Waleed Harb, and Muhammad Arzouni was the first runner-up, the second runner-up, Muhammad Al-Abyad, the third runner-up Anwar Shibli, and the fourth runner-up, Faris Nasser Al-Din.

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