André Silva confesses that he asked his girlfriend, the daughter of producer Michelle Alexander Farándula NNDC for the hand | SHOWS

He was surprised after revealing in the program “En boca de todos” that he asked his girlfriend Adriana Álvarez, who is the daughter of producer Michelle Alexander’s hand.

“In love, I have a beautiful family, I take the opportunity to send a kiss to my daughter”, The protagonist of the telenovela “Luz de luna” responded when Tula Rodríguez asked him if he was in love.

Maju Mantilla’s partner asked André to take advantage of the cameras to send a message to his partner, he did not think twice and said: “She is a very important woman in my life, she is the greatest motivation I have to get up very early every day and give my best at every moment, in every job and which is always on my mind.”

“André and when the ring?” Tula questioned, and to everyone’s surprise André said that he already asked his partner to marry him.

“I already asked for it, soon, we are waiting for the pandemic situation to pass”, The soap opera actor replied with a laugh.


André Silva is excited to speak with his daughter

André Silva is excited to speak with his daughter


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