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The Peruvian actor communicated to his followers that it is part of the American film , starring award-winning actors such as Y.

“People, for those who follow my career, I think you will be happy to know that on the 24th (December) the Netflix movie” No Miren Above “will be released (…) I am part of a scene and it makes me very happy”, He commented through his Twitter account, where he attached a photograph of the filming.

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As the interpreter commented, he felt “deep pride” when he made his scenes on the film. In addition, in dialogue with La República, he specified that the shots were filmed in Paracas through the Tondero production company.

“Seeing a scene of mine in a movie starring actors of the stature of Leonardo DiCaprio is something incredible (…) it is a small participation, but without a doubt a great experience, which I take with great gratitude and prompts me to continue stubborn in what I I love so much, “he added in a statement to said medium.

At another time, he highlighted the work of Netflix to help “make local talent visible through other calls”

“It is not a great scene, but there is work and I am proud that it is seen by thousands of people,” he said.

How was the casting?

The protagonist of ‘Luz de Luna’ also referred to the casting he had to go through to get said role. As he told the aforementioned newspaper, he never found out which film he was applying for until his selection.

“At first I did not (I knew which film it was about), but later when it was finalized, it was a reality,” he said. In this context, he also assured that after choosing him for the role, “undoubtedly” they “gave him details”.

“I exploded with happiness,” he emphasized excitedly. “Don’t look up” tells the story of two astronomers who seek to raise awareness about the outbreak of an asteroid against planet earth.



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