Andrea Valdiri and Felipe Saruma announced a new member of the family

After eight months of marriage, Andrea Valdiri y Felipe Saruma They continue to be very close and in love on social networks. There are few occasions when the couple has published about their relationship.

The 23-year-old from Bumangués has become a father figure to Isabella and Adhara, Andrea’s daughters. This weekend, the spouses surprised the two little girls with the news of the arrival of a new member of their family.

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Who is the new member of the family of Andrea Valdiri?

Recently, the Valdiri Saruma family said goodbye to one of the furry ones in the house. His pet Jack, also known as Jackcito, passed away after accompanying the family for more than four years. According to canine administrator David Cancino, a friend of the Barranquillera, the puppy died of natural causes, after having recovered from bacterial pyoderma treatment.

Through an emotional video, the dancer showed her 8.8 million followers how they fired the Pomeranian dog, to whom they decided to bury him in the garden of his house and plant a little tree in his honor.

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This is how Andrea Valdiri’s daughters reacted with a new member of the family

Several days after the loss, ‘La Valdiri’ and her husband wanted to cheer up the two little ones by bringing a new pet to their home. Isabella, eleven years old, was the first to receive the pet of the same breed as Jack, but this time in a darker color. The eldest daughter of the Barranquillera surprised her mother when she decided to “introduce someone” to the puppy.

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“Oh Isabella is going to introduce her to Jackcito’s grave, divine my monkey”, said the businesswoman in the video. Although they have not publicly shared the name of their new pet, the bumangués joked about the possible name that the puppy would bear “Sigifredo”. One-year-old Adhara caught the attention of her one-year-old fans upon seeing the puppy. With various sounds and gestures of surprise, the little girl was very excited.

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