Andrea Valdiri’s ex responds to those who call him a “bad man”

Lowe León, former Andrea Valdiri, responded openly to criticism on social networks.

alt andrea valdiri

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alt andrea valdiri

Lowe Leon is the target of criticism on social networks. The ex of Andrea Valdiri, constantly receives negative comments due to the end of his relationship with the model while pregnant.

Through his Instagram account, the singer decided to end these criticisms and replied to one of the comments in which They question him for leaving the dancer while pregnant.

“Peace in your soul so that one day you will evolve with your comments. It generates grace, satisfies your ego, makes you feel happier, does it fill any emptiness in your life?“was the harsh response from León on his social networks.

Andrea Valdiri She is one of the most popular women on social media. Through his provocative dances, he has captured a large audience on this type of digital platform, especially on Instagram, where he gathers more than 5 million followers.

That is why her life is of great interest to users, who have expressed their curiosity to know how their love and professional life is going after ending their relationship with Lowe León.

In a video, where they do an interview, the businesswoman assured that the man who can withstand the voltage has not been born, “that they have not taken that mold for her” and many took the comment as a “hint” for her ex.

“There are men who cannot bear the voltage of a woman like one. For example, they are very insecure, one is a woman who does not need anything from a man, not money, absolutely nothing from a man, only affection and love. And there are men who are not willing to do that, nor do they believe it (…) that is what happens when women are independent, “she said.

It should be remembered that at the end of last year Andrea Valdiri commented on why she ended her relationship with Lowe León.

The influencer made an Instagram Live to tell her thousands of followers about the situation with her ex-partner. As she said, she fell in love because she saw him as an exemplary man but indicated that, after having lived with him for a short time, the problems in the relationship began.

In the broadcast, Andrea Valdiri indicated that it bothered him that Lowe gave an interview in which he spoke “wonders” of the relationship when he well knows that at this moment they have problems and there is no good communication.

Later the businesswoman confirmed the news: “You have to tell the truth, Lowe and I are friends, we have nothing. Due to an argument we had we separated, he went to make his dream and I kept making mine.”

According to what she said at the time, she did not contact him for several days because he left the house and “disappeared”. In addition, he indicated that the singer has a “very great pride” that does not allow him to solve problems.

“I like it when men recognize that they have to put pride aside. And when one is creating a family one has to show up, one does not have to run away, pick up their motets and bye I left. It hurts a lot in the heart, when men have too great pride and an impetus for greatness, a crazy thing. That hurts me. Because when children come into the world, one has to erase those lines of difference. And between the two of them solve problems, not leave to a television channel to talk about how beautiful your relationship was but in the end you and I have a very bad communication, “he said.

And he finished: “Lowe and I are no longer together. We are not together. But no one takes away the right that he is the father of my son and no one has closed the doors of his house, of my house. But this is not a war I love you with all my heart even if your pride doesn’t give you either. “


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