Andrej Mangold & Jenny Lange: This pretty blonde distracts him after the breakup

A few days ago Andrej Mangold and Jennifer Lange announced their relationship ended. Now the ex-“Bachelor” showed up with a well-known singer!

There was regular wild speculation about their relationship. On Sunday (November 15), ex- “BachelorAndrej Mangold (33) and his former girlfriend Jennifer Lange (27) that their relationship is over for good. However, the end of love did not come as a surprise, because separation rumors had been circulating on the net for weeks.

You can find all information about the separation in the video above.

After Jenny reported to her fans on Instagram with ambiguous slogans and videos, Andrej has been relatively quiet so far. Until now! The former Rosenkavalier appeared on Wednesday (November 18) at the side of a well-known blonde: singer LaFee (29)!

In the video below, Andrej and Jenny were still in seventh love heaven. There they revealed in the interview that they had looked at rings.

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Is Andrej Mangold distracting himself from his separation with LaFee?

First, the 33-year-old showed himself in his Instagram story while jogging hard in the forest and wrote tellingly: “Nature and running are always good”. Shortly afterwards it appeared that Andrei had set up a well-deserved feast after his work was done. But he wasn’t alone!

Ironically, singer LaFee, whose real name is Christina Klein, was seen in the kitchen with the ex-“Bachelor”. While he affectionately called her “Tina”, she grinned happily into the camera. The two also giggled together with a view of the lavish buffet. While the musician was preparing a plate, she said ironically: “That’s all for me.”

Andrej Mangold

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Jennifer Lange: “Bitterness, Pain and Tears”

Whether the two are friends or whether dinner together means more? Hopefully we’ll find out soon. For Jenny, however, the sight should be a stab in the heart. Because, according to “”, she recently posted a saying card that read: “Life consists of tests, challenges, Bitterness, pain and tears. “So she does not seem to have finished with Andrej and the separation!

Also Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (37) only recently made their separation public. In the following video we show you how she is currently distracted.

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