Andrés Arauz: We have the victory in almost all regions of the country | News

The candidate for the Union for Hope (UNES), Andrés Arauz, assured this Sunday that a second round is evident and the union with sectors that bet on another alternative should be generated.


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“It is a resounding victory, we have the victory in almost all the regions of the country, we were always first in the hearts of Ecuadorians (…) We have to have a perspective in the second round that is to agglomerate the great majority of the people” Arauz said.

Regarding the percentage of the records scrutinized by the National Electoral Council (CNE), Arauz reiterated that they are going to review each piece of information, “we are going to analyze minute by minute to see if there are differences between the results reported by the CNE and the one we have”, added.

Faced with the work dynamics of the CNE to give the quick count and the slowness of the scrutinized minutes, the presidential candidate for UNES emphasized that uncertainty is generated in the population when it should be the opposite.

“This situation frustrates us a lot, because it takes away the right of Ecuadorians to vote (…) the CNE should give the result based on the scrutiny of the two candidates they lead,” Arauz said.

Arauz urged all his militancy to leave differences and remain calm, “I invite everyone to avoid social conflict,” he added.

“April 11 will be a day of celebration for the progressive forces who consider human solidarity as a fundamental value. The progressive triumph in Ecuador radiates hope,” concluded Arauz.

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