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Andrés García, the soap opera gallant de Televisa, would be going through tough financial problems, to the extent that it would have put some of its properties up for sale. It should be noted that one of the properties it owns is a castle Located in the Adjusco.

The Mexican film and television actor confessed to being broke despite being considered one of the most successful figures of all time. This is because their finances are not well since before the coronavirus pandemic began.

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Andrés García He commented on his current situation in an interview he gave for the television program Venga la Alegría. There he stated that he is away from the theater stages due to an operation on his back, and also revealed that his savings began to decrease.

“I have had the problem of lack of income since before the pandemic (coronavirus) ”, Commented the actor during his intervention in the television space of Venga la Alegría.

Andrés García gave an interview to the Venga la Alegría program.

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Did Andrés García manage to sell his castle?

The mexican actor He narrated in Venga la Alegría that he put on sale several of his properties that he acquired throughout his 79 years of life. It should be noted that the actor is on his birthday this Sunday, May 24.

“I have about 7 or 8 years that I have not been able to work. I am selling properties that are large, and there is my castle in the Ajusco and I have not been able to produce, ”replied the actor on the TV program, assuring that these sales have allowed him to keep up in the absence of work.

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Castle of Ajusco could become a rehabilitation center

Andrés García’s son, Leonardo García, stated in December 2019 that the castle His father could become a rehabilitation center for people suffering from any type of addiction.

In a conversation he had with the journalistic portal El Horizonte, Leonardo García said that there is also the possibility that the property of the mexican actor be transformed into a capacity of cinemas.

Andrés García with his son, Leonardo García.

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“I know that they are between doing movie forums or maybe for people with addictions. I don’t know what they have done yet, but I know that something like this will be quite good, they still walk in those days, “said the son of Andrés García.

On the other hand, in 2018, the Mexican actor had the intention of selling his most precious property for about 30 million pesos; however, the Government of Mexico City prevented this movement.

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The reason why Andrés García failed to transfer his Ajusco castle to another person it was because he had a debt of a million pesos of property tax.



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