Andrés Giménez hit an on-field homer with the Indians

The new player of the Indians de Cleveland, Andres Gimenez it never ceases to amaze. This time with a home run within of ground of game on the MLB.

A hit that hit the center field fence connected by Andres Gimenez, made the gardener want to fool the umpires of the Big leagues with his catch.

Nevertheless, Gimenez He never stopped running and was awarded an on-field home run at the Spring Training of the MLB 2021.

Gimenez since he came to the organization of the Indians Cleveland, has not ceased to surprise and stand out with the wood in the MLB. Today with this home run.

So far in Spring Training he has a .417 average, six RBIs and two homers heading into the 2021 season of the MLB.

Here the home run within of ground of game:

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