Andrés Hurtado confesses: “I would have liked to be white, I hate having been born that way” | SHOWS

ANNOYING WITH YOUR APPEARANCE? He surprised by launching a controversial confession in the middle of his program ‘Because today is Saturday with Andrés’. The popular ‘Chibolín’ revealed that he hates his skin color and indicated that he would have liked to be born ‘white with blue eyes’.

As part of your interview with a fertility doctor, Andrés Hurtado released some controversial statements about his skin color that surprised more than one.

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“I am not a hypocrite. I hate being born like that, I would have liked, at least, to be white like you. Of course, meter 75, but white and blue or gray eyes How cute! That way I don’t suffer and I don’t have to be paying ”, Andrés Hurtado said.

Andrés Hurtado confesses: “I would have wanted to be white” (Video: Panama)


In another time, ‘Chibolín’ recommended to his followers that they ‘improve the race’, A fact that surprised the specialist who indicated that improving the breed has to do with improving health and not with skin color.

“My dad is of Spanish descent, white with green eyes. My mom was a brunette woman, aiming for black. And I got this ‘roe …’. I recommend that you improve the breed, right? ”, He pointed out.



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