Andrés Hurtado kisses Jorge Luna on the lips: “I’m happy, how nice!” Chibolin VIDEO Ricardo Mendoza Chapa your money farandula | SHOWS

He could not with his genius. was invited to ‘Chapa tu money’, a show led by George Moon y Ricardo Mendoza. However, the driver of Hoy es sábado con Andrés made a special request to Jorge.

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During part of the show, the popular Chibolín asked the comedian for a kiss: “Come here. You simply have to give the public what they want, if the public says kiss, we give them a kiss. Stand here.”

To Hurtado’s surprise, Luna accepted the challenge and kissed him on the lips; something that generated laughter among the attendees. After such action, Andrés Hurtado indicated that he was happy and thanked the public.

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“I am happy, honestly with love. How nice. I want to tell you something sincerely from the bottom of my heart, that I publish so wonderful ”, expressed the television host.

Andrés Hurtado kisses Jorge Luna

Andrés Hurtado surprises and kisses Jorge Luna on the lips: “I’m happy, how nice!” VIDEO: TikTok

Andrés Hurtado swears love to Niurka Marcos and remembers their meeting at the hotel

Andres Hurtado surprised her fans on social networks by declaring her love to the Cuban singer Niurka Marcos. Through his official Instagram account, the popular ‘Chibolín‘ shared a photograph with the also vedette based in Mexico with a revealing message of love.

“Hello Beautiful love. When you came to Peru three weeks ago, in that hotel, I remembered your beautiful hands, touching them with respect and love, I knew that ours was magical. At that moment I told you: there is little left to declare our true love and eternal respect. Soon we will be together exactly where we promised… it will be paradisiacal”expressed the host of Panamericana Televisión.


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