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Enrique Camacho, President of Millionaires, It was decided to speak this Wednesday about the situation that footballer Andrés Felipe Román has experienced, a player who was ruled out by Boca Juniors of Argentina after failing to pass medical evaluations.

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The leader of the ambassador club assured that Millonarios will not enter into controversy with Boca, after the medical board of experts, who have addressed the issue of Roman in recent days, said that they do not share the diagnosis of the Argentine club.

The ‘xeneize’ doctors ruled out Roman because they detected hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. While the medical board diagnoses that the most possible is that it is the athlete’s heart, a syndrome that would not have implications for the player’s health.

Camacho spoke with EL TIEMPO on all these issues.

How do you receive the new and encouraging diagnosis about Andrés Felipe Román’s heart condition?

It seems to me a very important concept, because what we are doing is monitoring the player’s health, which is what interests us the most. For that reason we have done our best to take the best exams and know the best way to proceed in your case.

Andrés Román, Colombian player.



Does Millonarios plan to take any legal action against Boca Juniors for feeling affected in the negotiation or even for having caused possible moral damage to the player?

The diagnosis given by our group of specialists at the Shaio clinic is that with the studies carried out, it cannot be concluded that he has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and that is why we are going to do all the research to see if, eventually, he has it; if there is any genetic factor that can determine it. That is why samples of your DNA will be tested in Germany. That is what the consulted medical board says and we want to find out the nature of this situation. What is important is that, obviously, the statements that a doctor may have given is simply a statement from him, and I respect that statement very much. For this reason, I am not going to argue with any doctor and less with Boca Juniors, a team that has the autonomy to decide whether or not to choose a player. The Boca Juniors sports club acted as they consider and we do not have on that any different position to accept what they consider important to hire or not to hire a player.

Enrique Camacho

Enrique Camacho, president of Millonarios, indicated that a preferably foreign technician is being sought to replace Diego Cocca.

Do you consider that there can be moral damage against the player and even an economic detriment to Millionaires?

That is a player problem. Our problem is to see how we help him to solve a potential situation, and that is what we are going to work on. We are not really interested in getting into a polemic or discussion of any kind, in any legal or medical discussion. What we are interested in is helping the player get ahead in the process and get the best from a medical point of view with him.

Is there not a patrimonial detriment for Millionaires?

Well, that eventual loss of property is undetermined. So it is impossible to talk about it. Simply, what needs to be said is that the player was rejected as an alternative by Boca Juniors. That happens every day in every football club in the world.

Simply, what needs to be said is that the player was rejected as an alternative by Boca Juniors. That happens every day in every football club in the world.

How did the player feel about this new diagnosis?

He is hopeful that his entire situation will continue to be investigated to be calm about the suspicions that may exist and is waiting for the issue to evolve in a very calm way. He is a very calm and shy boy.

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In the meantime, you can’t get back to training?

The player cannot do a highly competitive training, what do the doctors recommend; but you can have a training routine to stay in shape and this is what you are going to do depending on the guidance of the sports doctors and cardiologists who are advising us.

There are many shadows and criticisms in recent days about the medical team of Millionaires, not only for this case …

They are opinions that are not scientific or medical of some people that obviously, and in any case, affect the image that can be had, but I think that the most important thing is not what a player or another person can say occasionally. Nor am I going to argue with anyone about this. I know that there were some people who criticized the medical staff of Millionaires, but there were also other concepts such as the technical staff of the professor Michelangelo Russo or the current technical body headed by the professor Alberto Gamero.

This Wednesday there was criticism of the medical and physical department of Millonarios not only for the case of Román, but for the recent injuries, even for the injuries suffered in the game against Junior …

The medical issue is in the eye of the hurricane. In this specific case, people think why some injuries occur. Just this Wednesday I saw how other injuries occurred in important teams, such as those of Duvan Zapata or that of ‘Rifle’ Andrade. Injuries do occur and cannot be assumed to be caused by medical bodies. That is a variable and I cannot understand that they put that responsibility on them.

Are there any criteria you want to emphasize?

First, that we are going to work hard to get this boy forward: the most important thing is the player’s health. And I want to be very specific in that I do not want to create any controversy with any club or with any medical body or with any doctor, because that does not correspond to me. The only thing that corresponds to me is to ensure the health of Andrés Felipe Román.


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